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Environmental Insurance

Environmental Insurance has evolved substantially over the past few years from its inception in the 1980's. It  has emerged from a few insurers providing limited programs to over 30 companies now providing some form of pollution coverage. At least 5 of these insurers are looked to as the industry leaders.


Because of this evolution in terms of product types, coverage terms, conditions, pricing, reinsurance, and programs structures (pure risk transfer, finite risk program and blended and/or integrated programs), environmental risk transfer through insurance is more complicated than ever, and the trend is not changing.


This is one of the primary reasons why this website was  created. This valuable tool can help you understand, evaluate, construct, compare and select the insurance mechanism best suited for your environmental risks and the insurer that may be best suited to provide the product.


We have selected site information that will enable Subscribers to self-create  their environmental solutions.  If you need more in-depth assistance, contact ERSI.





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