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Environmental Law is an integral and critical piece of ERM process. The application of environmental laws, regulations, permits and compliance requirements forms the basis of many entities' environmental liability exposures. Environmental laws and regulations impact how a corporation will conduct its operations on a past, present, and future basis.

The magnitude of monetary fines, cleanup costs, and toxic tort settlements and judgments are such that environmental law must be integrated into the Environmental Risk Management process. A risk manager's decision-making process must factor in the legal constraints imposed by environmental laws.

The Environmental Law section presents highlights of the major environmental laws, as well as links to the actual text of those laws. The professionals at ERSI have used their experience and training to analyze the major environmental laws so that that the users of ERSI can focus on the relevant portions of the laws that apply to their unique circumstances. The user is given an insight into the application and statutory/regulatory scheme of each environmental law so they better understand how these laws will affect their business decisions and management.




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